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MedAsia’s sister company Bonifacio Consulting Services offers a comprehensive range of technical/operational consulting services. Whether you are a Contract Manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer, our experience and know-how makes us a perfect partner. We will lead or assist your team with operational improvements or with bandwidth expansion to meet your business’ needs. Not only can we supply the medical device products and components, we have the experience and horsepower to make sure project go smoothly, on time as scheduled.


MedAsia has a vast network in the medical device market with strong personal contacts that are owners and decision makers at OEMs and contract manufacturers globally. We have helped clients grow their businesses by connecting products and/or projects with the best fit manufacturing option. Not having a one size fits all business model, MedAsia can provide the best value to all the stakeholders involved.


MedAsia is a nimble and flexible company that can work with clients in the best way for success. We approach every client engagement as a strategic partnership. Our goal is a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship where we are viewed as an important part of our client’s strategic planning and execution. We are open to partnerships, joint ventures or other business structures that best suit the needs of the opportunity at hand.