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MedAsia’s injection molding and tooling partners are well established businesses serving customers globally. We can do short sample runs, bridge/startup production or full production delivering molded parts globally. We are flexible and can find the most economical solution for your needs.

Tooling can be built to your preference, US specifications, to your internal Tooling Standards or lowest cost/fastest delivery prototypes. We can build molds for export, for production at our facility or run pilot runs or bridge quantities prior to shipping the mold.

Fast turnaround on most quotes: We typically have quotes in 24-48 hours* when we are given a complete RFQ package including:

  • Solid model
  • Specifications (engineering drawings)
  • Specific resin grade
  • Quantities, annual volumes
  • Mold Specifications (prototype, production, US standards, etc.)

*Unless there is missing information or extensive engineering required to produce the mold quote